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Year: 2023

Location: Berlin

Title: Helın Mergen - Bir Daha (ft. Jonathan Walter) (Visualizer)
Category: Music Video
Language: Turkish

Role: Dancer, Camera Person, Video Editor
Hardware: DJI OM3 Gimbal, Tripod

Software: Premiere Pro
Cast: Helın Mergen (self)
Crew: Helın Mergen
Production: Oravayka
Client: Helın Mergen
Synopsis: Helın Mergen dancing to her own song with Berlin cityscape.

Year: 2021 (Production), 2022 (Release)

Location: Berlin (Apartment, Bar Donau 115, IL KINO, Field in Köpenick)

Title: Yamirah Gercke - Prophecy
Category: Music Video
Language: English/Instrumental

Role: Producer / Director / Video Editor
Cast: Wolfgang Weber (Old Man), Victor (The Horse), Insa Engelmann (Woman on the Horse)
Crew: Producer: Helın Mergen, Yamirah Gercke, Director / Editor: Helın Mergen, Camera: Cake
Client: Fat Banshee Records
Synopsis: Our character in his 70s, wants to let go of his grief spending his last day with his late wive’s cremated ashes and finally reaching the freedom of accepting his loss and keeping her love in his heart.

Year: 2019

Location: Berlin (multiple outdoor / DIE BAR)

Title: Yamirah Gercke - Pressure
Category: Music Video
Language: English/Instrumental

Role: Videographer (Location Scouting, Directing, Filming, Editing, Submitting to Film Festivals)

Hard Skills: Camera work, Berlin knowledge

Soft Skills: Problem Solving
Hardware: Sony a7iii, hand made shoulder rig, tripod, MacBook Pro

Software: Premiere Pro, After Affects
Cast: Linus (Skateboarder) / Yamirah Gercke (Musician)
Crew: Helın Mergen / Producer: Yamirah Gercke
Client: Yamirah Gercke (Bad Ass Freaks)
Synopsis: Skateboarder trying to go about his day but his subconscious haunts him.

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